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100-and-Crazy Percent

The short-lived comedy TV series Better Off Ted featured a flock of fine over-the-top exaggerated characters who work together at a dysfunctional high-tech company. Best of all, perhaps, is the senior manager Veronica Palmer, played by Portia de Rossi. Sample dialogue between her and minion Linda [1]:

Veronica: A female mentor would have been very valuable for a young Veronica, bursting with potential, yet vulnerable, like a fawn in the woods, but tough, like a fawn in the woods with a machine gun.

Linda: So you're saying you, or this terrifying, murderous fawn, could have used some guidance?

Veronica: Yes, we would have liked that. We're going to raise more money for this charity than it ever has before. The forest will run red with the blood of woodland creatures who doubted little Veronica and will now pay with their furry little lives.

Linda: There's really no middle ground with you. Either you don't care at all, or you care 100-and-crazy-percent.

Veronica: What else is there? Now saddle up Linda, and say goodbye to common sense.

^z - 2017-05-22