2006-05-16 - Evening Paint Branch Trail

~9 miles @ ~10.2 min/mi

Daughter has a recital to attend at UM, so at about 8pm I park next to the Armory and set off, forgetting my headlamp in the car and not realizing the omission until half a mile later. As I cross Campus Drive a hasty car has to slam on its brakes to avoid threatening me (no great danger, as I had paused when I saw it coming) and the embarrassed young driver waves apologetically; she turns out to be a musician partner of my daughter rushing to hear the same concert. I reach Paint Branch Trail ca. its mile 1.4, proceed downstream to mile 0, then out to the trail's end at mile ~3.9, and back to my starting point with an extra lap around the Armory at the end to make sure I've done a full 9 miles. The twilight deepens as I go and it's rather spooky in the woodsy areas near the golf course, where geese honk and frogs clear their throats. At Lake Artemesia an elderly Asian lady smiles, waves, and blows kisses at me as I jog past her bench. Two big rabbits and a herd of half a dozen deer cross the path ahead of me.