2007-09-09 - Watkins Ramble and Evening Speedwork

~4.5 miles @ ~13 min/mi + ~3 miles @ ~10 min/mi

Caren Jew suggests a Sunday sunrise run along the Seneca Creek Greenway Trail (SCGT) in one of her favorite segments, south from Watkins Rd. I meet her there and we set off at 0630, trotting along the winding path, walking up hills, chatting as we go. Caren's plantar fasciitis is healing well but she has wisely decided not to attempt the Marine Corps Marathon this year, so we make plans for the winter/spring 2008 ultra season, including the SCGT marathon/50k and the HAT Run. We turn back after half an hour and push the pace a bit harder on the return trip. That same evening I take sons Merle and Robin with me to the local track on the way to the grocery store, and I run five Yasso 800s, times 4:09 + 4:10 + 4:11 + 4:05 + 4:02. Or are they 880s? I challenge engineer Robin to measure the 0.5% difference!

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