2007-10-05 - Hot Laps

~5.5 miles @ ~12 min/mi

At noon I leave Son Robin at his engineering lab and set off jogging uphill across the UM campus. The temperature is only in the upper 70s but with a dewpoint in the upper 60s the humidity feels oppressive. I circumnavigate the northern side of the football stadium and see that the track around the soccer field is open, so my plans shift gear: instead of a (probably-too-long) journey along trails, it's time for some speedwork! Alas, my plan to do 10-12 Yasso 800s melts down at the halfway point. My splits, with 2-2.5 minute breaks between, are 4:30 + 4:26 + 4:26 + 4:28 + 4:29 + 4:34 + 4:35 — and with that deterioration at the end I decide to toss in the towel. (The presence of a young lady runner on the track keeps me going a couple of laps longer than I otherwise might have managed.) My jog back to meet Robin is slow and frequently interrupted by walk breaks.