2007-10-07 - Detour

~4.5 miles @ ~13 min/mi

Today brings near-record heat and humidity for the Army Ten Miler and the Chicago Marathon; in both events a participant dies. I don't know that when in late morning I set out at a brisk pace from home toward the Capital Crescent Trail. Near the beginning of the CCT (mile mark ~0.31) two ladies and a young girl on a bicycle are pondering the "You Are Here" map. I pause to advise them and catch my breath. Then it's onward, across the trestle over Rock Creek, from which I can see a fence blocking Rock Creek Trail (RCT) below. But it looks easily circumventable, so I loop back via the MitP route along East-West Hwy and turn north along RCT. Now I'm beginning to overheat. I slow down, add walk breaks, and weave around two "Trail Closed" fences — but then I'm stymied to find the footbridge at RCT mile 1.45 is entirely missing! It's due to be replaced by December, cold comfort to me today. Rather than retreat I take the lavender-blazed trail upstream but soon lose it and instead follow a narrow dirt track along the eastern bank of the stream. After encountering a walker and her dog I reach Ireland Dr and trot home via the lovely Mermaid Fountain.