2008-11-22 - 0.1 JFK

~5 miles @ ~10 min/mi

The JFK 50 mile run is on today, so this morning son Merle drives me out to Antietam (mile ~27 of the course) to pick up comrade CM Manlandro and give her a lift back to Weverton (mile ~15, which Kate Abbott & I were approaching when I fell and got a broken arm six weeks ago). CM meets a friend and jogs with him back to her car. This afternoon, in honor of those doing the JFK I crank out 10% of that distance, following the same route as yesterday but in reverse. For a change no deer threaten me. A measured mile on RCT flows by (as I refrain from peeking at my watch) in 8:46, one second faster than yesterday—hmmm! I weigh myself before and after. The scale claims I lose 1.4 lbs.—but it's notoriously inaccurate.