2009-05-05 - pooL adsehteB

~11 miles @ ~9.8 min/mi

Yoga class yesterday leaves me slightly sore but significantly conscious of my breath and stride, good things to be mindful of when running. New shoes from the half-price room at RnJ Sports beg to get wet, and a couple of days of rain have left huge puddles on Rock Creek Trail this cool morning. Today I have a dental appointment, a small cavity to fill. So instead of heading for the office at dawn, there's at chance to plod: at 0545 I set out on the same loop as 2009-04-28 - Bethesda Loop but in the reverse direction. Measured miles on RCT take 10:07 + 10:04 and the trek along Cedar Ln and Old Georgetown Rd is comfortable. No, I shouldn't compare myself with CM Manlandro and her latest sub-4:15 marathon—but the thought inevitably arises that I really should be less wimpy. The final four miles on the Capital Crescent Trail flow by at 8:34 + 7:51 + 8:53 + 8:57 ... but I suspect some of the distances are a little short, especially at the road crossings. Total loop time 1:48 is probably a PR.

^z - 2009-05-06