2010-02-26 - Wicked Wind

~4.5 miles @ ~8.5 min/mi

A Nor'easter hurls leaves and twigs across the sidewalk; small branches lie where they've fallen. The sun is a faint glow behind snow-heavy clouds. Temps in the 30's, wind gusts likewise, and I'm the only one foolish enough to venture outside this morning, running the same three parking-lot perimeter 1.5 mile loops as two days ago. The knee aches a bit, so I'm trying a modified stride, more hip action and a return to my classic toe-out duck-like foot plant. Will it help the ITB, or whatever is twinging? I'm hopeful. Meanwhile the laps go accelerando, pace ~9.4, ~9.1, 8.1 min/mi respectively. After the first mile my head is sweating so I doff the cap and stuff it into my shorts where insulation is more needed.

^z - 2010-03-02