2010-03-14 - Matthew Henson Trail

~9.1 miles @ ~13.4 min/mi

The passing car blasts through a monster puddle and splashes muddy water over Gayatri Datta and me as we stand waiting to cross Veirs Mill Rd. We're on the Matthew Henson Trail, starting a dawn run on the first morning of Daylight Savings Time. We met and fired up our GPS's at Winding Creek Local Park. Light rain falls and intermittent winds cut through our layers of clothing.

We'll see deer, I promise Gayatri before we start, and do we ever: first one, then half a mile later a pair, then four, and finally near the turnaround at trail's end a herd of half a dozen or more. Just after that last encounter whom should we meet running the other way but graceful Jean Arthur, president of the MCRRC! She's four miles into her 15 mile outing and looks strong.

During the return trip I find on the trail a White Owl "blunt white grape" cigar still in its wrapper. Gayatri tells me about a friend of hers in India who bought a metal Buddha head from a New Delhi street vendor for 3,000 rupees, a fabulous deal. We talk about Indian political history, Masala Coke, family, training, etc. Our pace is comfortable with lots of walk breaks and pauses to retie my shoes, drink from Gayatri's bottles, knot our jackets around our waists when we get too hot, etc. My GPS agrees well with Gayatri's, says I've burned ~950 calories, and provides these splits (pace in min/mi):

mile pace time

^z - 2010-03-18