2010-05-29 - CCT with CM

~2 miles @ ~8.3 min/mi + ~9.5 miles @ ~10.5 min/mi

"What do you think about during long swims?" I ask Cara Marie Manlandro as we trot along the Capital Crescent Trail. "Life!" she replies. And that includes the next meal as well as bigger issues.

At Bethesda about 7:40am the "Team in Training" fitness program is gathering; CM and Emaad Burki aren't here yet. I take advantage of the lull to run down the Capital Crescent Trail, mileposts 3.5 to 4.5 and back, at a brisk pace (8:33 + 7:57 splits) in an effort to thaw my stiff and achy right knee. Gayatri Datta and Barry Smith are on their way back from their first 5 miles, 7am start, but I don't see them yet. Approaching me a woman pushing a racing stroller runs ahead of it, restores her baby's toy to the tiny hand that dropped it, and slides back to grab the handle. "Great job!" I compliment her.

Emaad and CM arrive a bit after 8am, at which point Gayatri and Barry also materialize. Together we jog the first mile. Then CM and I shift gears and move ahead. The morning is humid but an intermittent breeze helps us keep cruising. A tiny chihuahua scurries to keep up with its master, feet a blur. Bicycles zoom by.

Emaad rejoins us as we return after 4 miles outbound (pace ~10.2 min/mi). Uphill on the way back we slow slightly (~10.6 min/mi) including time for one of us to go off trail and pause behind the bushes, plus water fountain breaks.

After 8 miles on his GPS Emaad punches out. CM and I continue eastward to milepost 2.5, then back to marker 3.0, pace ~10.2 min/mi. "You're really great to run with!" we salute one another. For a hard workout, that is.

^z - 2010-06-07