2010-06-20 - Cabin John Trail

~6 miles @ ~16 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/CJSVT_Caren_z_2010-06-20.jpgFather's Day morning: at 0420 I learn CM Manlandro can't make it (she's been up late in the lab) — back to bed for me! Caren Jew's husband, a powerful amateur golfer, has an early-morning tee-time so Caren can't get out until the afternoon. We promise to meet ~1400 at Cabin John Regional Park and each swear to be on time. I show up 15 minutes early, and beat her there by only a minute!

The run is fun, along the blue-blazed Cabin John Stream Valley Trail. At Democracy Blvd we try to follow the path we know from past years, but discover the trail has been re-routed—hence the zig-zags on the downstream (eastern) loop as the GPS map of our track shows. On the way back we follow the newly-sanctioned path. Conversation is wide-ranging trail-talk, a delightful chance to speak frankly about any topic. Thank you, Caren!

^z - 2010-07-04