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2011-04-13 - Wayward Worms

~3 miles @ ~9 min/mi

Sidewalks are confetti-covered under blooming bradford pear trees. I raise a hand to knock down more white blossoms. Hosts of earthworms lured out by the wetness make an obstacle course to zig-zag through as I attempt to avoid treading on them. Comrade Stephanie did her pre-first-10-miler taper run on the treadmill at 0530, when the downpour was soaking my socks as I walked to the Metro. The first post-BRR run for me is comfortable, with only a little heel and hamstring achiness. Parking lot ~1.5 mile laps are at ~9.4 ⇒ 7.9 min/mi paces.

^z - 2011-04-21