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2011-04-18 - Woodsy Loop

~4 miles @ ~9 min/mi

Contemplate not running — but make the mistake of reading about yesterday's London Marathon and today's Boston Marathon — at which point guilt sets in and have to go out. In the locker room a fellow asks about the beard. Reply with an old joke: "Had it for more than 30 years; think wife just doesn't want to see my face." He laughs uproariously. Today's early Monday morning trot on the winding hilly path begins with a slow first lap that includes some pauses to move fallen branches out of the way. High winds and heavy rains on Saturday must have brought them down. Accelerating the pace makes miles 9.6 ⇒ 8.4 ⇒ 7.4 minutes.

^z - 2011-04-27