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2011-05-05 - Clair in the Woods

~3 miles @ ~12 min/mi

Comrade Clair shows me how to power up the digital scale in the gym. Whee! — it reads a pre-run 150.0 lbs even though I've got shorts, shirt, socks, and trail shoes on. Clair likewise is happy to be back down to her pre-pregnancy weight, with baby Sophie not quite 5 months old. On the hilly path through the woods we do a deliberate first lap with marked mile of 11:29 including some walks and much dialog. Then, pushing Clair beyond her conversational zone, a second comes in at 8:52. This portends well for her achieving her near-term goal of a 5k in under 30 minutes. Pulses after the final mile are in the 170+ zone. Five deer eye us from the meadow. Clair wonders if, as vegetarian beasts, they would prefer to eat a vegetarian (me) rather than a carnivore (her)?

^z - 2011-05-16