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2011-05-30 - LBJ High School Speedwork

~5 miles @ ~10.6 min/mi

Memorial Day morning is warm and humid, as usual this season in central Texas. From Mother's home to the Lyndon Baines Johnson High School track is ~1.3 miles, spiraling up the ramps to cross over TX-183 and back down again. Five 400m laps on the rubbery surface are 1:43 ± 1 second each, with ~2:15 for the 200m recovery walk/jog between. There's a crossing guard at the corner by the local elementary school on the way back — why? Later Mom explains: Austin had rare a "snow day" this winter, and today is a make-up day. The GPS stubbornly reads short of 5 miles, so I divert to add a little extra distance, then run a block past home and back again for good measure.

(GPS trackfile, ...) - ^z - 2011-06-10