2011-06-11 - Lyme Laps

~4.5 miles @ ~9 min/mi

Dermatologist Ilene Bloom yesterday argues with me that I've got Lyme Disease, based on rashes that first began almost three weeks ago. I take the contrary position that they're not the classic "bullseye". But she prescribes a month of doxycycline and refers me to the lab for blood tests; we'll see what they reveal.

Meanwhile, I'm feeling frisky and at 8:30am undertake three ~1.5 mile laps around the office parking lot. They feel fine in spite of warmth and humidity, with pace descending 9.2 ⇒ 8.6 ⇒ 8.1 min/mi. A feather rests on the sidewalk below the aircraft-sculpture. Segments of concrete are being replaced and force a brief cross-country diversion onto the grass.

^z - 2011-06-20