2011-08-12 - MCRRC Going Green Track Meet

2 miles @ 7.25 min/mi

Maybe the pre-race dinner of french fries and soda was suboptimal preparation? Maybe the blood donation of three weeks ago still has my red corpuscles depleted? Maybe the nearly full moon rising gets into my eyes and slows me down? For whatever reason(s), the MCRRC "Going Green" track meet at Walt Whitman High School feels tough. Cheerful Christina Caravoulias takes photos; Ken Swab runs with her in the final heat. My prediction on the sign-in sheet is 14:44.4 and actuality is 14:31 — slower than 2010 (13:53) and 2009 (13:42) but faster than 2007 (16:02).

^z - 2011-08-24