2011-10-05 - Pimmit Hills Larger Loop

~4.3 miles @ ~9.4 min/mi

Monarch butterfly poses on the pathway, wings together. Sidewalks vanish arbitrarily and reappear, sometimes, on the opposite side of the street. Patches of poison ivy and no-shoulder make for danger. The new loop today goes down busy Great Falls Rd to Idylwood to the elementary school where a trek along the parking lot leads to Lemon Road Park and nice paved bike path, rickety bridge over concrete-clad creek, steep stairs, and suddenly Pimmit Rd, terra cognita from earlier runs in the neighborhood. Walkers coming in to the building as I'm heading out at 1pm say the weather is perfect, which of course means that at 70°F it's a bit warm for running.

(cf. GPS trackfile, ...) - ^z - 2011-10-20