2011-11-11 - Intervals with CM

~6 miles @ ~12.6 min/mi

Pupils are dilated from this morning's optometrist appointment. The glare is blinding when I take off the cheap plastic throwaway sunglasses that I wear on the drive to Cara Marie Manlandro's home. CM leads me to the Montgomery College (Rockville) track and prescribes speedwork: run 800m, taking a split at 400m; then do 400m faster than that split, while taking a split at 200m; then do 200m faster than that split; then repeat. Our results:

iteration 800m (400m split)400m (200m split)200m
14:22 (2:11)2:00 (0:59)0:54
24:08 (2:04)1:54 (0:55)0:53

We think about doing a third sequence, but CM's back and hip are starting to twinge and I'm freezing. So back to her home we head. CM gives me a couple of big squash that she got from her community supported agriculture (CSA) subscription and doesn't need. I take them home to Paulette, stopping at Taco Bell en route for a recovery gordita. Hmmm, "Little Fat One" — rather an appropriate nickname for me, eh?

(see GPS trackfile, ...) - ^z - 2011-11-23