2011-12-04 - Evening Run in CM's Neighborhood

~3.5 miles @ ~10.5 min/mi

There's a lovely sunset on the way to drop Paulette off at a County Library event in Rockville. Cara Marie Manlandro has been ill but is starting to feel better and wants to stretch her legs, so we meet up at ~5:30pm and set off. The GPS trackfile makes a pretty sketch as CM orchestrates out-and-back treks along a couple of major streets. Christmas lights blink in front yards and I almost but not quite run into a few pedestrians on the sidewalk. Mile splits 10.1 + 10.8 + 9.6 and a final fractional ~0.6 mi @ 11.7 pace for an overall ~10.5 min/mi. That almost pays for the Taco Bell calories on the way home.

^z - 2011-12-17