2012-05-18 - Ken-Gar 5k Blitz

~3.1 miles @ ~8 min/mi

Four big deer stand at the edge of the woods and eye me as I dash past. Robin and I are taking advantage of a nice Friday evening to stretch our legs. We start, as the Garmin trackfile shows, in Ken-Gar at Rock Creek Trail milepost #7. My splits as I race to Randolph Rd and return: 8:01 + 8:07 + 8:07 by that GPS, or a more generous Runens iPhone 7:53 + 8:00 + 7:53 and in each case another speedy fraction to get a bit past 3.1 miles. Robin meets me near Dewey Park, past milepost #8, and chases me back.

^z - 2012-06-01