2012-07-06 - MCRRC Midsummer Night's Mile

1 mile @ 6.7 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/Midsummer_Nights_Mile_2012_z.jpgThe electricity is back at home, after six days of post-storm powerlessness. Instead of going to see an amateur baseball game Robin and I celebrate by heading to the Rockville High School track.

As we arrive Caren Jew is warming up, running along Baltimore Rd near the school grounds. Christina Caravoulias lets me hold her nice camera and take photos while she races. Jeanne Larrison is as always ebullient and finishes comfortably sub-10; Caren runs strong to finish sub-9, cheered by her husband and younger daughter; Robin without much training is happy with his sub-8 result.

Is it the "Midsummer's Night Mile" or "Midsummer Night's Mile"? Sources disagree. I trot a lap to loosen up. The summer heat isn't too troublesome tonight, and it's not even terribly humid — or so I try to tell myself. Deliberate relaxation is the plan. My socks are forgotten at home. The first lap is hyperoptimistically too fast, but pushing the rest of the way gives approximate quarter-mile splits of 1:34 + 1:41 + 1:43 + 1:40.

The official result has me in the top hundred, namely 100th place, 82nd of 119 males, 5th of 7 in the 55-59 male age cohort, total time 6:38. Not a PB (given 6:32 at the 2009-07-10 - Midsummer Night's Mile) but not too shabby.

(Photo by Dan Reichmann) |

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