2012-09-25 - Mormon Temple Loop

~4 miles @ ~9.5 min/mi

Get home, sort the mail, check the bills, and feel sleepy. Lie down on the bed. Nap? Or run?

First half mile is rough, with popcorn-and-egg-salad-sandwich lunch heavy inside. Then the wind gusts and the low-70s temperature wakes me up. Young red-haired fellow pauses to cross Linden Lane at the industrial park and runs ahead of me. I fight the urge to give chase and let him open a gap, waiting to see where he goes. A quarter mile later, at the new NPS Seminary row of condo townhouses, he reverses course, nods as we pass. Down through the woods this time I don't miss the obvious turn to Rock Creek, unlike in the dark on 2012-09-23 - Rock Creek CCT Loop with Stephanie and Gayatri.

Take gravel path, cross Beach Dr, at base of Mormon Temple hill, and push hard up the slope, panting past 4 dogs and 3 dog-walkers. Zig through neighborhood above train tracks, zag past retirement/nursing home where motorized wheelchair guy cruises ahead of me. Cross stream, zip by new elementary school and empty community swimming pool, then blast hard past Our Lady Queen of Poland - St Maxmilian Kolbe church to make a fast final mile home. Runkeeper splits 9:15 + 9:40 + 10:04 + 8:48 with concurrence from Garmin GPS. Salty sweat drips into my eyes when I stop.

^z - 2012-10-07