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2012-10-31 - Four 800m Intervals

~2.4 miles @ ~8.5 min/mi

As Samuel Johnson advised in 1752, "The greatest benefit which one friend can confer upon another, is to guard, and excite, and elevate his virtues." So I quote to running friend Stephanie Fonda, and so her example does for me on a gloomy Halloween night. Lights are out at the UM track and a chill west wind blows briskly. Folding sign says not to use the field because of an athletic event, but none is obviously in progress. A trio of students finish their walk around the oval as Robin and I arrive.

We set off too fast, with my warmup pair of laps at 3:34. Repeatedly I hit the wrong button on the Garmin as exhaustion looms. The plan to do 10 reps becomes 6, then 5. Remember the 1967 Keith Laumer story titled "Test to Destruction"? Heartbeat races ~180. Subsequent 800m dashes of 3:24 + 3:23 + 3:24 are too fast to sustain. Stop after fourth repeat and head with Robin for Marathon Deli, where as part of attempt with Stephanie to watch diet I avoid sugared soda for a change with my greasy salty french fries and veggie gyro "Value Meal". See Garmin GPS and Runkeeper iPhone for data.

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