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2012-11-25 - CCT Tempo Trek to Bethesda

~4 miles @ ~9 min/mi

"Good morning!" I greet the lady with the flushed-red cheeks on the Capital Crescent Trail. My face is likely the same, given the breeze and near-freezing temperature. After yesterday's 5 mile race I have minor right-hip ITB soreness, but still push the pace for rough splits of 10:10 + 9:15 + 9:05 + 7:30 with that final sprint to the CCT milepost 3.5 sign. The Garmin GPS says 4.05 miles, likely quite accurate; the iPhone Runkeeper app claims 4.61 including some major glitches as I emerge from the tunnel under Wisconsin Av.

^z - 2012-12-18