2013-08-23 - Austin Midday Madness

~6 miles @ ~11.2 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/Austin_manhole_cover.jpgMad dogs, Englishmen, and Texans?

I land in Austin to visit family and begin with a noonday run about the old 'hood — including an impossibly-fast 50 second lap around the track at my alma mater Pearce Jt High — apparently not everything is bigger in Texas! (perhaps it's only ~200m?)

Temps are in the low 90's and the first half of the trek at ~10 min/mi degrades into a second half at 12+ pace. A kind gentleman watering his lawn refills my bottle from one of his four (!) garden hoses.

When I get back to my Mom's house I discover that her kitty, Delilah has torn into a bag of catnip (sent by my brother) that I had hidden, apparently not well enough, in my backpack. Naughty Deli!!

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