2013-11-23 - Lake Artemesia, Indian Creek, Paint Branch Trails

~10.7 miles @ ~8.8 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/Lake_Artemesia_gateway.jpgFueled by a cup of coffee at sunrise and a stale nacho cheese tortilla chip found on the floor of the car, and with no water en route, it's an experimental fasting-trek following Marshall Porterfield's and Stephanie Fonda's example. Fortunately the day is cool and there's no major problem with dehydration.

Lake Artemesia + Indian Creek + Paint Branch trails on Saturday afternoon are thick with cyclists and strollers. Tailgate parties on the University of Maryland campus cheer as I trot past — is my eye-searing orange shirt the color of some visiting team? A flock of crows takes wing at my approach.

Runkeeper records the route, since the Garmin GPS is out of power; apparently I left it turned on when I stored it after downloading data the other day. Oooooopsie! |

^z - 2013-12-13