2014-06-01 - KenGar with Barry, Ken, and Rebecca

~10 miles @ ~11.5 min/mi

"And of course you remember the Battle of Franklin!" Ken says, at mile 6 of a detailed monologue describing his recent road trip to New Orleans and back, with stops in Tennessee (athletic facilities at UT there outshine academic ones), Kentucky ("Concealed Carry" magazine in a restroom reading rack), Alabama (the original Mardi Gras museum in Mobile), etc. Cars from MCRRC training group participants fill the KenGar parking lot and occupy roadside slots up and down Beach Dr when Barry and I arrive a bit after 7am. Then, as we begin our jog, packs of fast runners greet us as they blast past. Ken & Rebecca meet us at mile 2 and pull us along at a brisk pace. At the 7-11 afterwards a super-large Slurpee helps cool and rehydrate. Runkeeper is ~2% more generous than the Garmin GPS.

^z - 2014-06-25