2014-06-07 - Valley Trail, Holly Trail, Pine Trail with Gayatri and Barry

~15 miles @ ~14.2 min/mi

"Oops, I forgot your flashlight again!" I apologize to comrade Mike Edwards when he appears suddenly in the woods. He left his lamp in my drop bag accidentally at the C&O Canal 100 in late April; we fist-bump and he forgives me.

Steroid-boosted from last Saturday's Montana Society Testy-Fest, Barry Smith blasts out 3 circuits of the steep Holly Trail + Pine Trail loop in Rock Creek Park, while Gayatri Datta and I only manage ~1.5 laps, scaring a big deer along the way. We encounter lots of muddy puddles along the Valley Trail. The Garmin GPS is ~5% more conservative than the iPhone (~15.1 miles total). Rabbit count =1. Runkeeper and Garmin GPS record the details.

^z - 2014-06-27