2014-06-29 - Rock Creek with Rebecca, Barry, and Emaad

~7.1 miles @ ~11.3 min/mi

Emaad Burki is channeling Sara and Ken as he discusses Viagra's vasodilation value for runners during this morning's humid trek along Rock Creek with Barry Smith and Rebecca Rosenberg, both recovering well after their Bighorn race last weekend. We review plans for upcoming runs, note triangular post-Bighorn tans on Rebecca's calves just below/behind the knees, and debate whether it's a compliment or insult when somebody says, "Your thighs are bigger than your waist!" Afterwards online Stephanie Fonda recommends beet juice as a recovery drink; I tell her that during the run Emaad, Barry, Rebecca, and I discuss the film Beetlejuice ("Sandworms - you hate 'em, right? I hate 'em myself!") and Tremors and the new Transformers film. Runkeeper and Garmin record route and pace.

^z - 2014-07-11