2014-06-30 - Pimmit Run Trail Adventure with Amber and Kerry

~ 4.5 miles @ ~11.5 min/mi

The first group Pimmit Run Run! Amber and Kerry trek with me through Olney Park to the tangle of paths in the woods. I quasi-panic at the sight of anything with three leaves, but Amber reassures me that it is (mostly?!) not poison ivy. We find our way to Pimmit Run and cross to take the official trail under the highway, where bright new graffiti decorates the infrastructure. Further downstream, across Great Falls Rd, Kerry recognizes the ballfields where her daughter played years ago and other kids got lost, fell into the water, etc. I feel unsteady on the steppingstones but manage to keep dry feet and avoid tripping on tree roots. We return via Westmoreland St and do a half-lap on the McLean HS track. Zero bunnies seen today, but I do run through lots of spiderwebs across the trail — must trick somebody else into leading next time! See Runkeeper and Garmin for route.

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