2014-08-25 - Pimmit Hills and McLean Treks

~7 miles @ ~11.5 min/mi

Two fearless bunnies on Davis St watch Kristin and me during the final mile out-and-back, past zebra grass bundles and a lady carefully pouring mystery liquid onto cracks in her driveway. Rewind to 0535, when I come up the back way and sit in the hall outside Dr K's office, while she awaits me at the top of the regular stairs. We sync up after a few minutes delay, and from the loading dock admire Venus and Jupiter low near a pink horizon before setting out on a loop around campus.

Climbing the driveway-hill I caution, "Look out for that car ahead — we wouldn't want Kerry to run us down on her first day back from vacation!" And, coincidentally, it is Dr Kerry, arriving early to join us. She and her husband Clay had a great time in the Caribbean, scuba diving and enjoying the beaches. We interrogate her during the trot down Anderson Rd and along Pimmit Dr, but happily there are no horror stories this trip. But she does have a thousand messages to deal with in her inbox. Arghhhhh!

As we turn from Route 7 onto Magarity Rd the rising sun reflects off distant buildings and recalls the song "Red Rubber Ball", the chorus and a verse of which I attempt to sing, much to my fellow travelers' amusement. I tell Kristin about Hash House Harriers and some of their naughty-quaint traditions. She recounts a good "Tot Story" or two from the weekend's adventures with her kids. Runkeeper reckons the route.

^z - 2014-09-13