2014-09-03 - McLean Dawn Trek

~7 miles @ ~12 min/mi

"Ouch!" Kerry takes a nasty tumble in the dark as we trot along Great Falls Rd, at mile 1 of a Wednesday dawn urban adventure run. Kristin tries to catch her, but there isn't time. David and I join Kristin to huddle around Kerry as she does a quick self-assessment and decides to carry on. We wash dirt off the wounds with ice water from our bottles. When I ask if she has any Hello Kitty band-aids at home to put on the scrapes, Kerry (who has two teen-agers) says, "No, but I've got some non-office-safe bandages with Bad Words on them!" The flashlight comes out for the next couple of miles, insurance against a repeat performance. I demonstrate how blood doesn't show up in the red night-vision LED beam.

It's a hyper-humid morning loop, thankfully with minimal further excitement. Kerry reports on a weekend at Virginia Beach, where crowds gathered for a big race through the town. David, wearing his hot-pepper-themed Culpepper Triathlon shirt, dreads a day of marathon meetings. Kristin & I blast down a steep hill on Magarity Rd and decide not to run back up it (today!). We extend the homeward journey to get mileage on all GPS units safely past 7. Runkeeper records route and pace.

^z - 2014-09-??