2014-09-10 - Hickory Hill

~10 miles @ ~11.6 min/mi

Thud! — not a noise one wants to hear on the trail in the dark. At this point, mile ~2 of the pre-dawn adventure, Kristin is leading us on the connector path through the woods. I'm following, and Kerry is shining a flashlight ahead of our feet so we can see the way. That leaves David in the gloom behind. He takes a tumble, fortunately not a bad one. We gather up water bottles that have popped off his belt-pack, check his scraped hand, and proceed.

Today's route passes "Hickory Hill", formerly the Kennedy estate, and then goes by Richard Cheney's modest-by-comparison mansion. Along Georgetown Pike we spot four big deer grazing in a mega-yard. We refrain from running a lap around the Langley HS track, and after a brief debate decide to take the long way back. Kerry invites us to pause at her lovely home, where we meet her husband Clay and make friends with the family's dog, retired racing greyhound "Can You Do This?", now just called "CanDo". The rest of the return trek is led by Kerry, and includes a meander through a frisbee golf course. Runkeeper records route.

^z - 2014-09-27