2014-10-03 - WOD Trek

~14 miles @ ~12.1 min/mi

"Morning, Ladies!" the cyclist zooming by in the gloom greets us. Kristin starts laughing so hard that we have to take a walk break. "Well, my voice is higher-pitched than yours," I offer as explanation. Seven miles later another biker says, "Good morning, Sir!" in response to my salute. Once he's out of earshot Kristin asks, "So what are we? Chopped liver?"

Kerry's first-ever half marathon trek goes nicely, modulo twinges from new shoes, with a time of about 2:35. She spots half a dozen deer grazing by the W&OD Trail just west of Gallows Rd. At the Vienna Community Center we take a break, then turn back. It's fun to see again folks whom we met outbound. Our route is mostly the reverse of what Kristin and I did last Friday. Runkeeper captures the data.

^z - 2014-10-21