2014-10-07 - Southern Southern Walnut Creek Trail

~12 miles @ ~11.1 min/mi

Roadkill armadillo rests on the shoulder of Airport Blvd. "Mister Catfish" mini-mart is closed, but nearby a neighborhood park has a working water fountain, so at mile 8 the nearly empty bottle gets refilled. Skies at 5am are cloudy and humidity is high in Austin Texas, but easterly breezes feel cool. After two miles the now-soggy shirt comes off and I trek alone downstream along the new Southern Walnut Creek Trail.

Tiny gray-brown spiders are almost invisible except when their eyes glitter like emeralds in the headlamp beam. Dewdrops shine on high grass by the path. At an underpass a pair of yellow eyes stare and then flee. Raccoon? Two cyclists zip by and offer "Morning!" greetings. Fog lingers near the golf course. Clouds briefly part to reveal a nearly-full moon, then Orion and Sirius. Pink glows seem to herald dawn, but turn out to be city lights backscattering. According to [1] the Grand Opening celebration for the SWCT will be held at Govalle Park, the downtown end of the trail, on 25 October. Nice! Runkeeper records the route.

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