2014-10-31 - Halloween Loop

~6.5 miles @ ~11.0 min/mi

Happy Halloween! Amber's 5-year-old daughter Sophie loves her witch costume so much that she doesn't take it off yesterday evening; Kerry just shakes her head thinking about the parties her teenagers may be going to tonight. We try a new route, reversing the Kirby-Birch-Old Chesterbrook loop of a fortnight ago. A magnificent skeleton display distracts us and we miss a turn, adding a few bonus blocks. I start off too fast, which perhaps provokes a side-stitch cramp for one of us, who tries to send the others on ahead. No way: "We started as a unit and we'll finish as a unit!" Five flashlights prove to be ample for three trekkers on this last weekday of Daylight Saving Time. I pause to take photos of the "screaming eagle" house on Birch. From Runkeeper rough splits are 10.2 + 9.3 (sorry, my bad!) + 11.1 + 13.4 + 10.2 + 11.4 + final half mile at 11.1 min/mi pace, including the 50 foot walk after I tag Kerry's car that makes "6.49" roll over to "6.50" miles.

^z - 2014-11-23