2014-12-01 - Psoas and Pstitches

~4 miles @ ~12.5 min/mi

Beautiful stars as we start, beautiful dawn as we end on a warm but breezy Monday morning. David, back from long Thanksgiving drives to/from Boston, is dressed for office work when Kristin and I greet him in our running clothes at 0535. Kerry joins us at the loading dock and we do an abridged loop, given her early meetings, Kristin's pstill-psensitive psoas, and my recovery from weekend running.

Intervals of meditative quiet are longer than usual as we trot along silent streets. Kristin's crimson long-sleeved shirt, and her witnessing of my fall a week ago remind me of the purported reason for naval officers to have scarlet linings in their cloaks: to hide the blood if someone gets shot in battle. Maybe I need a red wardrobe too?!

Kerry and I rebuff Kristin's repeated attempts to tell us to run along without her. Runkeeper records route, but actual distance is about 0.2 miles more; I stop the GPS prematurely as we are about to close the loop.

^z - 2014-12-27