2015-04-22 - Austin Southern Walnut Creek Trail Trek

~15.5 miles @ ~11.2 min/mi

Clouds of gnats tickle the cheeks at dawn near Boggy Creek. Buttercups and Indian Paintbrush fringe the path, and dwarf acorns make a sidewalk ramp ball-bearing-slippery. Nineteen vultures perch hungrily on the high-tension power line tower. Half a dozen cyclists share Southern Walnut Creek Trail, but no other runners. Unlike Monday morning's crisp weather, temps on Wednesday are in the 60s with 90% humidity. Singlet and shorts are soon sweat-soaked.

"Come on. Big village, be quick, bring packs." George Armstrong Custer's last message comes to mind, hauling ~4 lbs of water in three bottles, caching one at the Loyola Lane crossing. Fountains at trail's end, Govalle Park, are still turned off. Circle ballfields and head back upstream. Carry driver's license in case a Texas Beer Breakfast requires proof of legal drinking age (P < 0.000001). Take a salt capsule hourly. Detour past LBJ High School, duck through a hole in the fence, dance across a field of dandelions, and decorate the GPS map with four laps in lane #2 of the track at ~9 min/mi pace. Dash home to dreams of a high-protein breakfast.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2015-05-16