2015-07-15 - McLean Meander

~8.3 miles @ ~13.2 min/mi

"Well, I've resolved to try not to talk so much," I say. "And so now I mostly talk about THAT." Kristin laughs; Nathan has just commented on how quiet the Dawn Patrol is today. We revisit the Windy Hill Rd path to Hooking Rd to Coan St (see 2015-06-10 - Windy Hill Path) and then continue down Old Dominion to meander through quiet neighborhood byways that Kerry knows. No rabbit sightings, but plenty of stone-facade houses and lion statues flanking front doors. Hydrangeas are starting to fade, but Rose-of-Sharon are blossoming. Discussion topics include dry needling, cognitive fallacies, redneck comedy, Bayesian reasoning, and silly movies. Oliver Platt, in Lake Placid, explains how he knows something: "They conceal information like that in books," Near trek's end, as we wait to cross Great Falls Rd at Magarity, a cyclist shouts, "Get a move on, Mark!" Who was that begoggled-and-helmeted man?

(trackfile) - ^z - 2015-08-05