2015-09-13 - Parks Half Walkabout with Gray and Mary

~5.8 miles @ ~19.9 min/mi

"We will look for you at Mile 10!" I tell Amy Couch, when she texts me to report that she has just passed Mile 8 of the Parks Half Marathon. We last met at dawn: I was a volunteer course marshal, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes at mile ~0.6 and happily surprised to see Amy dash past. DD Gray and I are doing a walk that includes the one-lane Grace Church Rd bridge. After a couple of miles we join Mary Ewell, who accompanies us on the trek to Rock Creek. Perfect timing: Amy appears just as we arrive! After a quick pause for photos Mary, Gray, and I continue up the long Mormon Temple hill, then return home via a woodsy path near Forest Glen.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2015-10-05