2015-09-27 - Emptiness

~5.6 miles @ ~15.1 min/mi

"Emptiness!" Stephanie says, describing a meditative experience. We share thoughts about oneness, nonattachment, mindfulness — and then go back to comparing our super-overbooked schedules for upcoming races, volunteer work, family, jobs, and far too many other activities. Emptiness? Maybe some day!

Eight deer nibble the grass near the corner of Grosvenor Ln and Rockville Pike. We climb the steep path from Rock Creek to Ken-Gar, tag the post at the top, and descend. Stephanie's injuries from a bad fall one week ago are healing, but the six stitches remain in her right hand. Her solo 20 mile run a few days ago went well. Bright blue and white flower bowls decorate the front of an apartment.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2015-10-21