2015-10-10 - Matthew Henson and Mary

~4.7 miles @ ~12.5 min/mi

"I'm late!" texts Mary. "Ditto!" I reply. Just as we both park our cars the MCRRC 5k race begins on the Matthew Henson Trail. I pin bib to shirt, lace chip to shoe, and 4+ minutes late we salute the timing crew (which includes office running friend-and-fellow-physicist Beth Masimore) and begin our informal-yet-officially-timed trek. Mary pushes the pace on the first uphill mile and we soon pass the sweepers, a couple in fluorescent green Race Official vests who are holding hands sweetly. Fast runners returning on the home stretch soon blast by. We maintain a ~12 min/mi pace, speed-walking the hills and cautiously navigating slightly-slippery wooden bridges.

"You're a known liar!" Mary chides me the third time I say that we've reached the crest of the path and it's all downhill to the finish line. (Sorry, Dr Ewell, but I did precisely the same thing to Dr Fonda three years ago here; see 2012-10-13 - Matthew Henson Trail with Stephanie.) We follow the measured course (my official gun time = 42:16) and then continue along the trail between Georgia and Connecticut Avenues. Ken Swab greets us as he likewise adds bonus mileage. Mary and I chat about family, training, diet, life. It's all good — as is our traditional Chinese lunch afterwards!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2015-11-02