2015-10-14 - McLean Dawn

~9.5 miles @ ~12.8 min/mi

"Wok!" Beth and I shout as Kristen runs up the hill ahead of us. She slows and we deny calling for a walk break. Sunrise reflects pastel pink off scattered clouds. Halloween decorations are starting to proliferate, including a notable number of witches-flown-into-tree-trunks, miniature grave sites, and flaccid-but-soon-to-be-inflated cats, pumpkins, and ghosts. A big bunny poses on a front lawn. During final cooldown-stretch we discuss our favorite flavors of ice cream ("Any flavor!") and local ice cream parlors ("The Dairy Godmother" in Arlington is recommended).

Earlier Kerry and Kristin lead a brisk loop. There's no sign of the Attack Owl that has recently been reported in the Bethesda area, swooping down upon pre-dawn runners with pony tails and flashlights. We think that maybe we spy Mercury in line with Venus, Mars, and Jupiter.

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