2015-12-05 - Magnus Gluteus Maximus

~11.4 miles @ ~15.0 min/mi

"Where was I in telling that story?" asks Bob Gaylord. "You had just finished!" I reply. We're two old coots teasing each other, much to the amusement of two young ladies doing their first trail ultra. Today is the aptly-named "Magnus Gluteus Maximus", a Virginia Happy Trails Running Club trek along the Bull Run Trail. Many folks plan on 50k, but I'm enjoying the idea of stopping at milepost 0, Fountainhead Regional Park, where friend Janet Choi's car is parked. Janet is now far ahead in spite of going off course near the Bull Run Marina.

Rewind to before dawn, when I get lost on the way to meet Janet and give her a ride to Hemlock Overlook where the run begins. Eventually we locate each other, meander on country roads to the start, sign in, pose for group photos, take selfies, and start down the steep hill to the trail. Frost is thick, but after an hour begins to melt and drip down from the trees onto my bald noggin. Whistles of distant trains echo, along with booms from a nearby firing range. Thick brown leaves conceal rocks and roots and muddy patches. The notion of continuing beyond Fountainhead starts to lose appeal as muscles twinge and a slightly-too-fast pace brings me back to earth. So after less than a dozen miles, no falls and only minor stumbles, it's officially a great day. Many thanks, JC, for running with (and in front of) me!

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