2015-12-11 - DC Memorial Ramble

~20 miles @ ~13.3 min/mi

z, Kristin, Kerry at Mile 0 of the Custis Trail"Too many remembrances to remember!" Kerry and Kristin and I watch the sun rise from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial near where Martin Luther King Jr once stood and said, "I have a dream." It's mile 5 of a run that begins before 6am at Potomac Yards, south of Reagan National Airport. We miss a turn on the Mount Vernon Trail and trot past the terminal ("Don't provoke the TSA!") and onto the narrow shoulder of an access road where taxis and cars swoop by. At Gravelly Point inbound jets on final approach cruise low overhead. Kerry recalls bringing her then-infant daughter there to play, more than a dozen years ago. A quiet river mirrors the Capitol dome and DC monuments.

Crossing the Memorial Bridge we salute a company of young Marines in camo gear dashing toward Arlington Cemetery. Our route goes past the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, with a pause at the National Academy of Sciences to sit on Einstein's lap. In Georgetown a Starbucks offers hot chocolate and indoor GPS glitches. The Custis Trail is hilly, alternating bridges and tunnels, with pelotons of commuter cyclists. We discuss potential future careers as Victoria's Secret models, inspired as fit young runners sprint by. At the Mile Zero junction with the W&OD Trail a wrong turn awards bonus mileage. Four Mile Run Trail closes the loop to where we began. It's all good.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2015-12-31