2015-12-27 - Word Quibblers

~16.1 miles @ ~11.3 min/mi

"You mean 'high dudgeon', not 'high dungeon', no?" Ken and Rebecca and I trot along the Capital Crescent Trail, bantering. A curmudgeonly kvetch about injustice focuses on a late-evening parking ticket in Bethesda. Passing the "muster vs mustard" and running the "gantlet vs gauntlet" are likewise debated. "And The Donald will give you free parking!" provokes chuckles. We all should be less judgmental — especially about things not happening on time or as planned.

Morning is hyper-humid, warming toward record winter high temps. Gray squirrels, brown leaves, black mud, plus a pair of crimson male cardinals. GPS glitches add half a mile or more to the distance estimate. Latest Star Wars movie spoiler: "Luke, I am your Mother!".

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