2016-04-13 - Palace Tour

~7.1 miles @ ~11.4 min/mi

"Chateau-ian? Chateau-ic?" Today's trek is a Dawn Patrol architectural tour; I'm groping for the right adjectival form to describe a sprawling mansion we've just admired. Kerry pauses to check the handouts under a for-sale sign, and I inadvertently dis the 'hood by guessing $2.5 million, low by ~20%. "Maybe it's on a big lot?" Across the street from Hickory Hill, the Kennedy estate, a fresh hole in the ground portends construction.

Kristin texts us as the sun rises and we share the lovely dawn virtually with her. Conversation ranges widely and includes the distinction between sandbagging and true modesty. I quote one of my (many) favorite scenes in Vernor Vinge's ur-cyberpunk novel True Names, when the Turing Police pull open a drawer in Mr Slippery's living room "... to reveal at least five hundred cubic centimeters of optical memory, neatly racked and threaded through to the next drawer which held correspondingly powerful CPUs. Even so, it was nothing compared to the gear he had buried under the house." Sometimes it's wise to keep a low profile!

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