2016-04-15 - Unicorn Run

~19.8 miles @ ~14.3 min/mi

"No!" Kristin corrects me, and gestures toward the river, the land, the sky, "It's all special!" We're in the middle miles of a joyful run along the Potomac River and around the National Mall. She and Kerry humor my requests for photo pauses. After a coffee break in Union Station we divert past a lovely home where Kristin once lived. Hydrangeas and crab apple tree that she planted more than a decade ago are thriving.

"Did I forget to lock my car?" I ask at 0540, a few blocks into the journey. As the sun rises over the Potomac a rat scurries away at the Jefferson Memorial. The boardwalk near Teddy Roosevelt Island sways and squeaks underfoot. Yesterday during planning I ask everybody to keep expectations low and warn, "We may not see any unicorns this time."

Kerry replies, "Well, I'll be disappointed if we don't see at least two!"

Running past the Library of Congress we concur, this isn't good — it's perfect. And yes, the car is unlocked when we return. All's well. "Best Day Ever!"

(trackfile) - ^z - 2016-05-09