2016-05-02 - Austin Texas Bull Creek Trek

~10.1 miles @ ~11.7 min/mi

"WARNING: 8% Grade Next 1/2 Mile" The road sign features a picture of a truck careening downhill. Don't think about what that portends for the return trip! Nine deer munch a front lawn near the corner of Oak Knoll and Fireoak Drive. A few blocks later a herd of eleven look up from trimming the grass at another home. A jackrabbit scurries off the sidewalk. Then it's time to hike along the scary shoulder of Spicewood Springs Rd, where pelotons of bleary-eyed Monday morning commuters slalom along a narrow two-lane road with decaying bridges over Bull Creek. Poison ivy is the least worry!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2016-05-19